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Dolphin is a compact, clinical, diagnostic audiometer designed using advanced embedded technology. It generates precise, distortion free tones in accurate attenuation steps. Soft, click less, well spaced, keys for speeding up the testing procedure.






Products - remote controlled loudspeaker swithcers

Comparative listening /demo of multichannel speaker Systems


  • provides selective switching between multi-channel audio sources & speaker systems.
  • several analytical switching options.
  • high current rating switches.
  • convenience of remote switching.
  • suitable for home theatre/stereo systems.


The Rx614/623/622 series of Remote Controlled Loudspeaker Switchers provide switchable connections between multichannel audio sources and speaker systems. Such switchable connections facilitate comparative evaluation, listening and demonstration of speaker systems.

The switchers are suitable for all types of systems e.g. Home Theatres, Multimedia/Stereo/PA/Mono speakers.

Switching options help compare and analyze performance of individual speakers or combinations within systems.

Switching through a wireless infrared remote offers convenience of operation without taking any attention away from listening.

R x 614 : switches between : one 6-channel balanced/unbalanced audio source, four 6-channel speaker Systems
R x 623 : switches between : two 6-channel, unbalanced audio sources, three 6-channel speaker systems
R x 622 : switches between : two 6-channel balanced/unbalanced audio sources, two 6-Channel speaker systems




Switching options:

An entire set of speakers can be switched simultaneously. This switching helps compare sound of complete systems with each other. Any individual speaker out of a set/system can be selected and switched across systems. This switching helps compare sounds of same function speakers in the systems connected. For example, only subwoofer in one system can be selected and its sound compared with sub woofer of another system. Within one system, its individual speakers can be selected and switched one by one. This switching helps analyze contribution of each speaker to the overall sound. Also, this switching helps detect any defective speaker with in the system. Two sets of decoded outputs (upto 6 channels) can be connected and any one selected at a time (Rx 623/622). This switching helps compare outputs of audio sources ( e.g. audio power amplifiers).

Switch Current Rating 6 A rms,
Switch On- Resistance < 20 m Ohms
Switching sequence break- before- make
Operating Power : Switching Unit 230 V +/- 1o% ac, 50 to 60 Hz
Mechanical Dimensions : 330 x 95 x 168 mm, Weight : 2.6 Kg
Environmental Operating Temperature : 0 to 45 C Humidity < 90%
Range(Remote control) >10 meters
Sockets for Source & Speaker Connection RCA (or speaker terminals if specified)