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Dolphin is a compact, clinical, diagnostic audiometer designed using advanced embedded technology. It generates precise, distortion free tones in accurate attenuation steps. Soft, click less, well spaced, keys for speeding up the testing procedure.






Products - SL 2052: SOUND LEVEL METER


  • 40 to 130 dB Measuring range
  • Slow , fast time weighting
  • Confirms to IEC 651 type 2
  • A and Linear weighting
  • 3 ½ digit LCD display
  • Wide frequency range.
  • Use in acoustic noise measurement and control, Loudspeaker acoustic measurements

SL2052 is a battery operated, hand held, sound pressure level measuring instrument. Measured SPL (or simply sound level) is read on a digital LCD meter in dB 'units'. Range, Filter and other options are selectable through sealed membrane switches, conveniently arranged. Lighted LEDs indicate options selected.

Applications are in Measurement of noise emission of machines, automobiles, aircraft, air conditioners, appliances, noise due to traffic, human voices, loud music. Noise surveys, audits, checking compliance with recommended noise limits. Sound insulation and reinforcement studies Measuring the output and frequency spectrum of loudspeaker buzzers, sirens and other acoustic devices


Applicable Standard IEC 651 Type 2
Measuring Ranges 40 -90 dB, 80 - 130 dB
Microphone Electret, Sensitivity 10mV/Pa
Frequency Response 30 to 16000 Hz at 90 dB
Frequency Weighting A, Linear (30 - 16000Hz)
Rectifier True RMS (crest factor >6)
Dynamic Range >50 dB
Time Weighting Slow: time constant 1 sec
Fast : time constant 125 ms
Display 3 1/2 digit LCD, Resolution 0.1 dB
Power Supply 9V battery, type 6F22
Operating Temp 0 to 50 C
Humidity <90 % (NC)
Size 285 X 80 X 38 mm